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The Origin of Wax Eye


Once upon a time in a Mall down the road lived a kid who loved candy and cereal, and all things that were extraordinarily sweet and deranged. His parent's owned the most popular shopping mall in the county. And as the son of shopping mall owners, little Billy Waksai spent every day of his life surrounded by the coolest of stores in that mall. From candy and comic book shops to record stores and video arcades. From magic and novelty gag shops to built-in movie theaters and bowling alleys, this mall was a kid’s pop paradise!

As time drifted by and little Billy grew up, he inherited the mall, but alas, all the fun shops slowly disappeared and were replaced by dull retail outlets selling various forms of boring blah: bargain used clothes, toneless cell phone shops, and all other stores selling static stale stock.

Billy Waksai knew something must be done to bring back the excitement and fun of the pop paradise just like the mall used to have when he was young.

And that’s just what he began to do. 

After accidentally melting his left eye in a freak mishap, Billy Waksai (now known as Professor Wax Eye) transformed the old shopping mall into a creative laboratory dedicated to concocting the most deviantly fun goods in town. Professor Wax Eye deemed his new lab-mall "Castle Wax Eye"!

Enlisting the help of two remaining shop owners, Cuzz’n Gumdrip and Tita Terrible, Professor Wax Eye captures artists and writers. These imprisoned creatives brew the best-quality of deranged art products for the next generation who seek the Pop Paradise!  

So stay tuned here at Wax Eye for the newest of demented off-beat brands and art-centric offers of oddity that will be available for all in the near future!

Enjoy! And remember to keep one eye covered.