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UK Bizarre Magazine

POSTER BOY! Artist Joe Simko combines his love of 1980s cartoons with trashy monster movies, to create his Day-Glo 'happy horror' style

Morning Gory – Breakfast Crime – Get Ready (Brek) for Cereal Killers – the breakfast-themed horror trading cards that are a
bowl lotta fun!

Skinnie Magazine - July 2011 Edition

Artistic Freedom For Joe Simko, Imagination is Everything
6-page feature of Wax Eye's Cereal Killers art

Non-Sport Update Magazine April/May issue Feature




USAToday's Pop Candy

Cereal Killers: The next Garbage Pail Kids?

Branded in the 80s

Cereal Boom is melting my brain!

Strange Kids Club

Wax Eye Gets Their Game On With Mobile CEREAL BOOM App

Non-Sport Update Magazine Online

It's a Cereal Boom

The Writers Journey

Feed Monsters Breakfast Collect Digital Trading Cards

Mr. Frights - Master of Macabre

REVIEW: Cereal Boom

Sports Radio

Show #94 CardShopFinder.com + Cereal Killers Stickers
Cereal Killers Checklist


Gift Guide: Cereal Killer Trading Cards

Zombies DON'T Run:

Wax-Eye Cereal Killers Trading Cards: The BEST Cards EVER?

The Writer's Journey

Wax Eye “Cereal Killers” trading cards

San Diego Comic Con 2011

Cereal Killers Available at San Diego Comic Con 2011 - Booth # 5616


Cereal Killers

The Sick House Blog


Cool and Collected

Wax Eye's Cereal Killers Trading Cards


Cereal Killers!

Mr.Frights – Master of the Macabre

REVIEW: Cereal Killers Trading Cards

Strange Kids Club

Trade or Die: Cereal Killers Trading Cards

Hayes Hudsons House of Horror

Check out these awesome CEREAL KILLERS Trading Cards from Wax Eye LLC

Toys dispatch

Cereal Killers Trading Cards – Next Generation Pop Culture Collectible

Cult Stuff

Wax Eye Cereal Killers

Freddy In Space

Wax Eye Feeds You Cereal Killers

Enemy Ink

Damn, man check out these Wax Eye Stickers



Spooky Spot

Wax Eye Cereal Boom App

Nerdgasm Halloween Special!

Spooky Empire Part 2: Son of Spooky Empire

The Spooky Spot

Wax Eye Cereal Killers Series 1 Trading Cards

Ben Hess

Cereal Killers Trading Card Review

Horror Freak NY

Cereal Killers Trading Cards Series 1 by Wax Eye.


Cereal Killers Box 3!

Trader Crack’s

Video Box Break: Cereal Killers